Wine Brokers NZ deals in wine services and brokering services and base ourselves in Marlborough, New Zealand's major wine producing region. We pride ourselves on our strong & direct relationships with wine makers & grape growers in the region and throughout the rest of New Zealand. Our services encompass a variety of areas of the wine industry from sourcing of grapes through to exporting and shipping of bulk and packaged wines. Browse the options below for a comprehensive list of the services we can provide you. Please contact us if you wish to discuss in further detail how we may be able to help you.
We have a wide range of buyers, both local & international who have on going requirements for New Zealand grapes & bulk wines. If you are looking to sell to help with cash flows or to balance variations between production and current sales levels Wine Brokers NZ can quickly and easily place your products with qualified buyers taking the hassle out of moving surplus stock.
Whether you are looking to launch a new wine brand or you have an established product in the market, Wine Brokers NZ can help you in the following areas.
Wine Sourcing:
Increasing the volumes or creating proprietary blends. We can source the wine for your label, blend it and prepare it for bottling or shipping in bulk.
Finding competitive supply lines.
Bottling & packaging your wine into branded packaging at competitive rates.
Export & Shipment:
Wine Brokers NZ can arrange the logistics and paperwork to get your wine to the markets of your choice with the required documentation in a seamless and efficient manner.
Sometimes the occasion arises when you don't want to disclose who the final purchaser may be, or let the source of your wine be known. In these instances Wine Brokers NZ can provide a firewall, allowing all shipping documentation and legal declarations to be lodged without the end buyer identifying the producer or vice versa. Contact us should you wish to utilise our services in this field.